Online Admission and Payment System

  • January 11, 2019
  • oaaps

Candidates Benefits

  •  24×7 online form available
  •  Computer based easy form
  •  Fill out admission form staying from anywhere, anytime.
  •  Avoid traveling long distance to collect form and stand in long queue to submit
  •  Multiple application with single login (merchants facility)
  •  Self login system and one-time registration anytime usable
  •  No more bank draft hassle, just click and complete your payment
  •  Electronic admit card and instant roll number generation
  •  SMS notification



Institutions Benefits

  •  Only eligible candidates will apply
  •  Real time candidates database.
  •  Requires less manpower thus cost effective.
  •  This process is paper free. So no need store thousands of forms.
  •  Money saved from using online admission system can be utilize in other areas like institutes further development.
  •  Admission fee transfer in real time.
  •  System generated candidates list anytime you want.
  •  Automatically stop application process at last date and time set by you.
  •  No extra or hidden cost
  •  Send exam results through automatic sms



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